Bars & Beer Dispensing Equipment

Kegs on Legs prides itself on only offering the latest technology in beverage dispensing equipment. We have a huge range of equipment with options for dispensing a single keg, such as keg or beer taps, right through to complete high volume set ups for large events and festivals. Our range includes commercial chiller plate units, compact lectern ice bank coolers, and premium wooden ice bank bars. We also have pre packaged bar furniture options that take the hassle out of styling your drinks service area.

Beer Dispensing Units / Keg Taps
Our commercial chiller plate / beer dispensing units are included in our keg packs. The units have one tap and are suited to small volume pouring. These units don't require power and this coupled with their compact design means they are fully portable and perfect to take away with you. Our keg packs include all the equipment you need (beer dispensing unit, coupler, lines & gas for up to 5 kegs) to serve and pour ice cold beer - just add ice.

Lectern Mobile Bars
Our commercial lectern bars are the latest in energy efficient portable bars for draught beer dispensing. These units have 3 taps and are suited to low to high volume pouring. The lectern bars are compact free standing units that require a regular power outlet. Our hire price for these units includes all the equipment you need (couplers, lines & gas for up to 10 kegs).

Wooden Bars
Our beautiful custom built wooden bars have a flooded copper font and 4 taps. These bars are available in 1.2 & 1.8m variants. These units are suited to low to high volume pouring, are eco energy efficient and have their own service space. These units require a regular power outlet. Our hire price for these units includes all fittings, lines and gas for up to 10 kegs. 

When you hire Beer Dispensing Equipment from Kegs on Legs you receive...

  • Commercial grade equipment including tap/s, lines and fittings
  • Professionally presented with accessories including drip trays and cover
  • 3 night hire of 'Beer Dispensing Units'
  • 24/7 Technical support
Equipment Measurements
 product w h d weight
Beer Dispensing Unit 0.65 0.40 0.40 15 kg
Wooden Bar (1.2m) 1.20 1.00 0.83 100 kg
Wooden Bar (1.8m) 1.80 1.00 0.83 200 kg
Lectern Bar (height includes font) 0.56 1.60 0.55 70 kg
 product w h d weight
A-Frame Wooden Trestle Table
1.85 0.75 0.76
15 kg
Bamboo Top High Bar 1.86 1.10 0.63
20 kg
Stepped Cocktail Bar 1.80 1.20 0.60
8 kg
High Bar Table 0.70 1.10 0.70
3 kg
Mini Trestle Table 1.25 0.75 0.60
3 kg
Trestle Table 1.85
3 kg
Wine Barrel Bar Table
1.02 0.80
70 kg
 product w h d weight
Mushroom Heater
0.88 2.30
 10 kg
Area Heater
 8 kg
Flame Heater 0.59 2.20 0.59  15 kg
Column Heater 0.59 1.80 0.59  15 kg
Jet Heater 0.25 0.37 0.65  5 kg
Radiant Heater 0.50 1.92 0.50
 5 kg
 product w h d weight
Ice Tubs * 0.6 0.6 0.6 < 1kg
* Ice Tubs hold the equivalent of 12 bottles of wine and 2 bags of ice