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30 litres // 105 pots // 70 schooners // 4.8% abv // A-type coupler

Brewed to the family recipe since 1904, Früh Kölsch is an authentic taste of Cologne’s most famous beer style.Sparkling gold with a fine white head, Früh Kölsch offers a classic blend of crisp honey-tinged cracker malts and floral, herbal, peppery hops. Add in an earthy yeast note and you’ve got one of the defining beers in the Kölsch style.

This is a 30lt keg only; if you have your own beer dispensing unit, kegerator or wish to add this as an additional keg to your order then this is for you. If you don't have your own beer dispensing system, please click here to add one to your shopping list.