Festivals and Large Scale Events

Kegs on Legs is the industry leader in the hire of mobile draught beer solutions. We have over 10 years experience in the draught beer industry. We’re solution focused and honest, we offer transparent pricing, and we will work as your partner; tailoring a draught beer service solution specific to your event and budget. Using only the most premium market leading equipment, Kegs on Legs lead the industry with our seamless draught bar infrastructures and management solutions that focus on minimising waste and maximising efficiency.

We offer the latest technology in beverage dispensing equipment. Our range includes commercial chiller plate units, compact lectern ice bank coolers, and premium wooden ice bank bars. We have equipment suited to dispensing a single keg, right through to complete high volume solutions for large festivals and events.

We will take a consultative approach to quoting your event. We will get to know the details of your event and provide you with a complete bar infrastructure solution.

Our service doesn't end once you've paid us; we will work with you to ensure the draught beer service at your event is seamless, offering 24 hour, 7 day a week technical support and onsite beer technicians for hire. We’re big on word of mouth, so we want to make sure you’ve got great things to say about us.

Some of the products and services we offer to compliment our bars are:

  • Cool rooms configured with beer line holes
  • Reefers with beer line holes
  • Refrigerated trunk/beer lines
  • On site beer technicians
  • Cocktail batching equipment
  • Trade / Wholesale keg and alcohol pricing
  • 24/7 alcohol delivery

Call today to discuss your next large scale event or festival on 1300 335 347 or submit an enquiry here.

So this is the part that we brag; Kegs on Legs is proud to have been a supplier for these awesome events:

Kegs on Legs at Laneway Festival Melbourne 2016
Kegs on Legs at Laneway Festival Melbourne 2016
Kegs on Legs at Laneway Festival Melbourne 2016
Kegs on Legs at Laneway Festival Melbourne 2016
Kegs on Legs at Taste of Sydney 2016
Kegs on Legs at Sugar Mountain Melbourne 2016
Kegs on Legs at Taste of Sydney 2016
Kegs on Legs at Laneway Festival Melbourne 2016








Equipment Measurements
 product w h d weight
Beer Dispensing Unit 0.65 0.40 0.40 15 kg
Wooden Bar (1.2m) 1.20 1.00 0.83 100 kg
Wooden Bar (1.8m) 1.80 1.00 0.83 200 kg
Lectern Bar (height includes font) 0.56 1.60 0.55 70 kg
 product w h d weight
A-Frame Wooden Trestle Table
1.85 0.75 0.76
15 kg
Bamboo Top High Bar 1.86 1.10 0.63
20 kg
Stepped Cocktail Bar 1.80 1.20 0.60
8 kg
High Bar Table 0.70 1.10 0.70
3 kg
Mini Trestle Table 1.25 0.75 0.60
3 kg
Trestle Table 1.85
3 kg
Wine Barrel Bar Table
1.02 0.80
70 kg
 product w h d weight
Mushroom Heater
0.88 2.30
 10 kg
Area Heater
 8 kg
Flame Heater 0.59 2.20 0.59  15 kg
Column Heater 0.59 1.80 0.59  15 kg
Jet Heater 0.25 0.37 0.65  5 kg
Radiant Heater 0.50 1.92 0.50
 5 kg
 product w h d weight
Single Bowl Machine 0.24 0.78 0.56 31 kg
Double Bowl Machine 0.43 0.78 0.56 52 kg
 product w h d weight
Ice Tubs * 0.6 0.6 0.6 < 1kg
* Ice Tubs hold the equivalent of 12 bottles of wine and 2 bags of ice