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50 litres // 175 pots // 118 schooners //  4.9% abv  // d-type coupler 

Our Victoria Bitter Keg Pack comes with everything you need including:

  • 50lt Keg of VB
  • Dispensing Unit which chills as it pours - ice cold with minimal waste
  • Commercial grade equipment including tap, lines and fittings
  • Professionally presented with black cover & drip tray
  • Choice of 50 Frat or Eco cups
  • Bag of ice to get you started
  • Co2 Gas bottle to dispense the keg
  • 3 Night hire
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly product

Victoria Bitter (VB) has long been Australia's favourite beer, and is specially brewed to deliver full flavour when ice cold. VB is a full flavoured, full strength beer; its gentle fruitiness of the aroma compliments the sweet maltiness in the mouth which in turn balances perfectly with the clean hop bitterness of the finish.

This keg is also available for hire on its own without the beer dispensing unit. For a keg-only price, please click here to contact us through our online form.

*this keg takes a CUB/D type coupler (?) What is a coupler?
A coupler is a fitting that attaches to the top of the keg, so that you can pump gas in and pump beer out! Different breweries use different kegs; different kegs use different couplers. If you're hiring kegs and equipment from us, don't worry, we'll make sure you get what you need! If you're supplying your own, have a chat to our Event Sales Team who'll let you know exactly what you need.