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50 litres // 175 pots // 118 schooners // 4.7% abv // a-type coupler

    • Spectacular customer service
    • Bulk discounts for orders of any 3 kegs or more
    • 1 keg to chill rather than 132 stubbies
    • The same beer you've tried at your local pub but for only $2.52 a pot
    • 24/7 Technical support
    • No time limit, bring the keg back once it's empty
    • A sustainable, eco-friendly product - the breweries re-use them

Stone & Wood Green Coast Lager is influenced by surrounding green hills that roll down to meet the Pacific Ocean, Green Coast is brewed with a blend of the finest malts and noble hops. It's been left unfiltered to create a beer that has a light golden colour with a natural yeast cloud, and a flavour that strikes a balance between its subtle spicy hop aroma and soft malt profile, finishing crisp and clean.